Research Graph Team

Exploring the collaboration network of researchers by building an interoperable graph of research collaboration networks in Australia and internationally. The aim is to visualise how researchers collaborate in different domains across universities. The information about the collaboration network of researchers can provide insights into potential collaboration opportunities, potential funding opportunities, and new ways to building research capabilities via the existing collaboration between researchers.

If you are considering a potential collaboration opportunity (e.g. working with a particular lab), the next step would be to find out if you already have a connection to their team. This can be achieved through the co-authorship network and understanding of the collaboration network of researchers and their close collaborators. This project aims to enable exploring such collaboration networks.

The core component of this graph is ORCID records. We aim to augment these records via the Research Graph Augment API with information about joint publications and joint research projects beyond ORCID consortium records. Also, this project should address the challenge of entity resolution for research institutions as the connection between researchers and research institutions is the key to build effective collaboration networks. The affiliation to Research institutions is often captured in scholarly records and project descriptions without the use of any persistent identifiers, hence, connecting research outputs and researchers to related institutions is often a complicated disambiguation task. This is particularly a challenge for multilingual names and name abbreviations.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in this project, please contact Peter Vats at