COVID-19 Research Graph

Research publications contributing to understanding various aspects of COVID are blooming with hundreds of articles per day during this global pandemic period. We extracted about 250,000 research articles referencing Coronaviruses and  COVID19 between 1990 and July 2021. The rich literature database provides insightful and global coverage of research on the virus, treatment, transmission, social impact and so on. We created the linkage between authors and related research organisations using our Research Graph data clusters. With the authorship and associated institution information, the team has built a time series collaboration network that demonstrates the growth of research collaboration in the last 10 years in this domain, and the global explosion of research activities after Dec 2019. Those geographic distributions of the research activities reveal a collaboration footprint nationally and internationally. The research topics and focuses among institutes and across countries visualise the research collaboration and penetration globally. This comprehensive dataset will play a key role to evaluate the impact of COVID19 through related research work such as the severity of virus spreading globally, medical treatment, immunisation, national emergency responses, and global economic influences and so on.

How to access this database

Please contact the project manager if you would like to access the database with a one-page proposal of how this database can help your research. Should your proposal be approved and successful, we encourage collaborators to share their use cases to create a collaborative discussion forum to inspire more exciting research ideas.
Dr. Jingbo Wang
Project Lead: Dr. Jingbo Wang
The National Computational Infrastructure, Australia

Project Team

  • Mr Melroy Almeida
  • A/Prof Amir Aryani
  • Prof Gavin Lambert
  • Prof Nilmini Wickramasinghe
  • Dr Jingo Wang
  • Mr Jihoon Woo