The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) hosts 10+ Pbytes research data collections on it high-performance file systems, co-located with high-performance computing resources. NCI has developed a connected graph that shows the connections between research datasets, publications, researcher profiles and grants across research repositories and infrastructures such as DataCite and ORCID. This graph is enabled by Research Graph Augment API. You can see the visualisation of this graph on the right.

Open Graph

The complete NCI graph is available for download in the GraphML format. This graph contains 3,268 nodes and 6,402 connections.

Researchers with most publications

Author Publications ORCID
Albert Van Dijk 385 0000-0002-6508-7480
Eric Wood 347 0000-0001-7037-9675
Yongqiang Zhang 244 0000-0002-3562-2323
Andrew Pitman 160 0000-0003-0604-3274
Stuart Phinn 156 0000-0002-2605-6104
David Karoly 146 0000-0002-8671-2994
Jason Evans 134 0000-0003-1776-3429
Paul Dirmeyer 127 0000-0003-3158-1752
David Jupp 120 0000-0002-9467-1344
Matthew McCabe 110 0000-0002-1279-5272

Researchers with most datasets

Author Datasets Affiliation
Bradley John Evans 198
Le Tan 64
Aurel Moise 28
Matt Paget 23
Tony Hirst 20
Paola Petrelli 19
Stephen Jeffrey 18
Jonathan Hodge 16
Edward King 16
Justin Freeman 8