GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences is the largest infrastructure institution for the Social Sciences in Germany. With more than 300 employees in two locations (Mannheim and Cologne) GESIS render substantial, nationally and internationally relevant research-based infrastructure services. Services offered by GESIS can be categorized from the users’ perspective according to the research data cycle. This cycle comprises data and information research, study planning, including empirical research data collection and storage, preparation, archiving and retrieval of research data, on up through the analysis and publication phases. Knowledge transfer is accomplished alongside research at all phases and GESIS supports its users through its own or joint research projectsю

Open Graph

The complete GESIS graph is available for download in GraphML format. The graph contains 180,582 nodes. It is genuinely an extensive network of scholarly works. You can see the visualisation of a small section of this graph on the right.

Researchers with most publications

Author Publications ORCID
Carlo La Vecchia 3719 0000-0003-1441-897X
Colin Williams 487 0000-0002-3610-1933
Graham Thornicroft 358 0000-0003-0662-0879
Donald Lynam 292 0000-0001-8306-498X
Silvano Gallus 221 0000-0002-8967-0400
Hynek Pikhart 217 0000-0001-5277-4049
Chris Sibley 196 0000-0002-4064-8800
Roy Thurik 151 0000-0002-0242-6908
Steven Van de Walle 123 0000-0003-1531-7097
Daniel Diaz-Fuentes 119 0000-0002-6290-2363

Researchers with most datasets

Author Datasets ORCID
Christof Wolf 94 0000-0002-9364-9524
Alison Park 33 0000-0001-5650-3852
Thomas Hildebrandt 9 0000-0001-7054-9590
Paula Devine 7 0000-0002-8212-8619
Thomas Gschwend 7 0000-0002-8656-9622