What is Augment API?

Research Graph Augment API is a RESTful API that transforms metadata of research objects into a collaboration network. The API transforms a single ORCID or DOI to a connected graph consist of the following connections:


For details of the nodes please refer to Research Graph Schema.

Augment API currently supports connections to the following persistent identifiers:
ORCID: https://registry.identifiers.org/registry/orcid Researcher
DOI: https://registry.identifiers.org/registry/doi Publication Dataset Organisation Grant
PubMed: https://registry.identifiers.org/registry/pubmed Publication
GRID: https://registry.identifiers.org/registry/grid Organisation
ROR: https://ror.org Organisation
ISNI: https://registry.identifiers.org/registry/isni Organisation
WikiData: https://registry.identifiers.org/registry/wikidata Organisation

Background and technical notes

Augument API was designed in 2017 as a cloud-based service to transform disconnected research information into a connected graph, and augment this graph with the data from the global network of scholarly works. Augment API leverages the Research Graph distributed network and persistent identifiers to establish connections between publications, researchers, research datasets and grants across global infrastructures such as DataCite and open access initiatives such as Scholix.

This project was initiated by the partners in the Research Data Alliance Working Group on Data Description Registry Interoperability, and an earlier implementation has been implemented by GESIS in Germany and NCI in Australia

You can find the related webinars at

Research Graph Cloud services enable the following capabilities using the Augment API:

  • Build Graph: Transform disconnected bibliographic records to a connected graph
  • Augment: Transform the graph with data from Research Graph clusters and the global research data infrastructures.
  • Create Open Graphs: Transform the augmented graph to interoperable formats such as VIVO RDF, GraphML and JSON.

In 2021, we are opening a highly accessible gateway to this capability using RESTful web services. While the REST API does not support all the functionality of the Research Graph Augment services at this stage, it is our starting step toward making this capability accessible to the Australian and international community.

Organisation Disambiguation

One of the key advantages of Augment API is access to Research Graph entity resolution algorithms for organisation records. Research Graph services use an augmented intelligence approach to leverage natural language processing algorithms and augment the result with bespoke ETL processes designed by domain experts to link organisation names to the closest possible records in WikiData. The choice of WikiData as the entity resolution base is derived from the need for high coverage of multi-lingual organisation names across multiple sectors including research, education, government, not-for-profit and commercial sectors. However, the underlying graph leverages the connections to ROR, GRID and ISNI.