What is Augment API?

Research Graph Augment API transforms disconnected research information to a connected graph, and augment this graph with the data from the global network of scholarly works. Augment API leverages the Research Graph distributed network and persistent identifiers to establish connections between publications, researchers, research datasets and grants across global infrastructures such as DataCite and open access initiatives such as Scholix.

The Augment API provides cloud hosted functions to enable three transformations.

  1. Build Graph: Transform disconnected bibliographic records to a connected graph
  2. Augment: Transform the graph with data from Research Graph clusters and the global research data infrastructures.
  3. Create Open Graphs: Transform the augmented graph to interoperable formats such as VIVO RDF, GraphML and JSON.

Learn more about Augment API

Two organisation has joined Research Graph as development partners to test this new capability. You can learn about their experiences and the outcome of their work in these webinars.

The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) hosts 10+ Pbytes research data collections on it high-performance file systems, co-located with high-performance computing resources in Australia. NCI has integrated the Augment API with the Geonetwork repository. The result is identifying a substantial number of publications and researcher records linked to NCI records. You can explore the NCI graph at http://researchgraph.org/nci

GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences is the largest infrastructure institution for the Social Sciences in Germany. With more than 300 employees in two locations (Mannheim and Cologne) GESIS render substantial, nationally and internationally relevant research-based infrastructure services. GESIS has created a large-scale research graph cluster by implementing the Augment API. The resulting graph makes the connections between high-value collections and other scholarly works discoverable. You can explore the GESIS graph at http://researchgraph.org/gesis

How to get involved?

Research Graph is running a number of open collaborative projects such as developing domain specific graphs, and exploring the application of new artificial intelligent tools and modelling for graph analysis. If you are interested to collaborate with us please send us a message at researchgraph.org/about/contact.