Peter Vats

Peter is experienced in managing all aspects (Product Design and development, Agile Sprint meetings, Training and technical and design input) of delivering projects – technical, people, finance and timelines. Peter has had a solid technical background in application, data and infrastructure space – delivering projects for corporate and academic institutions. Peter has successfully owned and run the software company BEIMS with major universities as its clients (RMIT, University of Melbourne. Monash, Charles Sturt etc.) Peter, through his company VSC, was involved in Research Data Switchboard project by the Research Data Alliance DDRI group. The project involved a very large (millions of nodes) graph database (Neo4J) with a graphical front-end hosted on AWS Cloud using built-in IDAM, and elastic computing -- EC2 machines. This represented and linked (by way of auto-discovery) the university researchers, grants, publications and datasets across the world. Currently, Peter is the director of VSC Consulting and the chair of the Research Graph Steering Committee. Peter also works with Australian universities and various other corporate and academic institutions delivering data and application projects at technical and management levels.