Established in 2009, DuraSpace is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization providing leadership and innovation for open technologies that promote durable, persistent access to digital data. More than eighteen hundred institutions use and help develop open source software in partnership with DuraSpace.

Duraspace is actively collaborating with Research Graph through a pilot project to test the cloud-based platform for Augmenting research repositories with information from the global network of scholarly works.This platform also enables transforming metadata about research activities and their outcomes to a cloud-hosted VIVO instance.

VIVO and Research Graph began a collaboration in January 2017. This collaboration led to a process that uses existing Research Graph technology to preprocess data for ingest into VIVO. This preprocessing step has proven difficult for many VIVO implementers due to gaps in skills and knowledge. Their collaboration also tested and documented VIVO installation and performance on cloud infrastructure. These advancements could reduce technical barriers for any organization wanting to leverage its data using Research Graph and VIVO.

Conlon and Aryani presented their work at the Open Repositories conference in June 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. Afterward, they decided to continue their collaboration by creating the Research Graph VIVO Cloud Pilot project. The project is a formal collaboration between DuraSpace, the parent organization of VIVO, and Research Graph.

The lead contacts for Duraspace and Research Graph collaboration are:

Erin Tripp, Business Development Manager, DuraSpace. etripp[at]duraspace.org

Dr. Mike Conlon, VIVO’s Project Director, DuraSpace. mconlon[at]duraspace.org