Research Graph Foundation Board


Peter Vats

Executive Director, Research Graph Foundation, Australia

Peter Vats is the Executive Director of Research Graph Foundation. The Research Graph Foundation is a not-for-profit and collaborative venture to connect scholarly records across global research repositories. The Foundation contributes to developing capabilities that transform disconnected and siloed research activities into a connected network of scholarly works.

Peter has been a Director and Senior Project lead for past 20 years, with duties including strategic consulting and leading projects. He has worked at various Australian universities, government departments and corporates.


Dr. Jingbo Wang

The National Computational Infrastructure, Australia
Dr Jingbo Wang is the data collection manager at National Computational Infrastructure. She studied seismology at the University of Cambridge, followed by a postdoc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, during which she runs intensive computational geophysical modelling and inversions. Passionate about serving research data community, the move to data management is a natural fit. With opportunities, encouragement and helps from supervisors, colleagues, and friends, she made her career in the data management field as a data scientist since 2012. She is currently managing the research metadata catalogue, data publishing through various web services, research and data products impact within the community. In addition, she is an enthusiastic researcher seeking technical solutions on providing efficient data query and access, managing and sharing data products, enabling data validation, encourage data reuse, and keeping track the footprint of the research journey through the funding-data-paper-researcher matrix.

Dr. Benjamin Zapilko

GESIS, Germany
Benjamin Zapilko is a postdoctoral researcher and lead of the team Data Linking at the GESIS department Knowledge Technologies for the Social Sciences (WTS). He joined GESIS in 2007 after his graduation in computer science at University of Koblenz. While working on several projects, he started his research in the field of Semantic Web and Linked Open Data. In 2015, he finished his doctoral research on publication and matching of Linked Open Data in the application field of the social sciences at Mannheim University. Benjamin Zapilko is a member of the Steering Committee of the Research Graph project and the RDF Vocabularies Working Group of the DDI Alliance. He was co-organizer of the Library Track at the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative (OAEI) from 2012 to 2014.

Dr. Amir Aryani

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Amir Aryani is the Head of the Social Data Analytics (SoDA) Lab in the Social Innovation Research Institute. The Lab applies contemporary and emerging co-op data analytics techniques to provide insight into health and social problems.

Amir has experience with large-scale and cross-institution projects in Australia and Europe. His track records include collaboration with high-profile international institutions such as British Library, ORCID (U.S), Data Archiving and Network Analysis (DANS, Netherlands), Institution for the Social Sciences in Germany (GESIS), and funders including ARC, NHMRC, and NIH. He is an experienced project leader on initiatives involving creating and leading data-driven projects and using data modelling, information retrieval techniques, and real-time data analysis.

He has published articles in high impact journals such as Nature Scientific Data, Metadata and Semantics Research, and Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications.