Research Graph VIVO Cloud Pilot

Attention: faculty information, grants, and repository managers!

You’re invited to participate in a project aimed at collecting, augmenting, and making discoverable patterns of faculty collaboration and research outputs through a pilot led by Research Graph and VIVO.

The proposed project requests faculty, publication, grant, and dataset information from pilot institutions as well as time for testing and providing feedback.

The data will be augmented by Research Graph with connections from CERN, NIH, ORCID, GESIS, ANDS, Dryad, among other data sources. It will then be transferred to a cloud-hosted VIVO implementation where data is displayed and searchable.

As a result, we anticipate participants will be able to discover and analyse:

  • Who are the main collaborators in a faculty?
  • Who those collaborators work with outside the university, across disciplines or even in different countries?
  • What research outputs, grants and research data collections have been generated in these collaboration networks?

Participants will also gain experience assessing a hosted service, gathering requirements, and making recommendations for what could become a next generation service to support scholarly communication.

We’re inviting any institution interested in piloting the service to register their interest by filling out the form below. In completing the form, there is no obligation to participate. The project team will select pilot partners based on the scope, focus and extent of the pilot, as well as additional criteria. We’ll follow up your form submission with additional information about the pilot as our plans mature.

Expression of interest form:

For further information, please contact Erin Tripp, Business Development Manager, DuraSpace