Quick Export: Neo4j to Gephi

One simple method to export the graph from Neo4j to Gephi is using the GraphML model. To achieve this, you need to the neo4j-shell-tools. At the time of writing this post, you can find the latest version at the following URL: Once the shell-tool is installed, you can run and export the results as GraphML files using the export-graphml command. Note: you need … Read More

Connecting Leap Motion to the Graph

Authors: Hao Zhang, Zhaolian Zhou, Andy Xiang, Kun Wang, Amir Aryani 26 August 2016 While Virtual Reality (or VR) is becoming the next buzzword, there is a number of serious applications for this technology. Interacting with computers beyond mouse, keyboard and traditional computer monitor is a powerful experience. It enables exploring possibilities that were unforeseeable few years ago. These days … Read More