This is the Research Graph roadmap. The aim is to have a transparent list of current projects and an overview of the upcoming activities. The Steering Committee is in charge of prioritising and maintaining this roadmap.

Data Integration:

  • NIH: Adding NIH records to the Research Graph registry.
  • Open Funder ID: Integration with Crossref Funder Registry
  • ANZSRC: Connecting Research Graph records to the ANZSRC field of research
  • Scholix: Integration with DLI API
  • SciGraph: Integration of SciGraph data into Research Graph (Pilot)
  • Grid: Connecting Research Graph records to the organisation ID from

Software Implementations

  • DOI Resolution — distributes service
  • Node linking — distributes service

Cloud-based Services

  • Research Graph & VIVO pilot

This is our backlog sorted by the order of priority.

  • CrossRef Event Data
  • ORCID incremental sync using AWS S3
  • PubMed: Integration with PubMed records
  • Open Tableau Reports

  • GraphML Export: New ability to export GraphML files. This function enables Research Graph partners to export their graph to Gephi and Cytoscape.
  • Publishing GraphML and landing page for project partners
  • GESIS LOD Research Graph Project (more info)
  • NCI Research Graph Project (more info)
  • VIVO Interoperability
  • figshare Interoperability
  • Tableau Report – Alpha
  • Gephi Filters
  • RMIT Alpha test
  • Nature Scientific Data – Research Graph Open Data Publication